Un Resolution march 2023 climate justice

Landmark Resolution for Climate justice

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Landmark Resolution for Climate justice

Multilateral climate coorporation

On Wednesday 29th March 2023 at UN’s Headquarter in New York a special resolution was signed.

The resolution will make it easier to ensure legal accountability for high-emitting countries, and ensure that they take actionable steps to tackle the climate crisis. The resolution is a historic triumph for climate justice and highlighting the global interconnectedness of emissions and escalated environmental events elsewhere on the Globe.

Compensation for climate damages

Today we have witnessed a win for climate justice of epic proportions. Today’s historic resolution is the beginning of a new era in multilateral climate cooperation, one that is more fully focused on upholding the rule of international law and an era that places human rights and intergenerational equity at the forefront of climate decision-making.

Full overview

Read the full Guardian article about the hisoric resolution that will enable easier accountability for large emitters.

Climate justice explained

Island nations and developing countries such as Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands Madagascar and Sri Lanka have contributed least to global greenhouse-gas emissions, both currently and historically. But the island nations and near costal areas is where the major changes are already occuring and extreme weather events such as hurricanes, floods, drought, and extreme heat and floods that is upending water and food security, and fueling forced migration.

Un Resolution march 2023 climate justice


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