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Stay informed about climate change

You find it hard to read enough about interconnected climate challenges that is going on, and wish you had someone to discuss the deeply interesting topics with?

Climate Change Book Club is for you

We have dedicated experts coming to share deep insights, that are rooted in science and local and global studies.

CCBC The Umbrella Institute understand the climate alphabet soup

Topics & titles we explore

Topics for 2023

the intersectional environmentalist

The Intersectional Environmentalist

This book that examines the inextricable link between environmentalism, privilege and is vocal about planetary wellbeing being linked strongly with inequalities and social and economic redistrubution of resources and opportunties. By Leah Thomas

Greta Thunbert The Climate Book CCBC The Umbrella Institute

The Climate Book

Greta Thunberg's climate compilation offers a wealth of insightful knowledge about everything from biodiversity, carbon sink, heat and temperature and permafrost to climate apathy and how to overcome it.
CCBC will be guested by local UAE Specialist on biodiversity and carbon sinks to share local climate action.

The Sixt Extinction - An unnatural History

Pulitzer price winner, Elizabeth Kolbert brings out a story of past and future and explores the 6th extinction in the last half billion years, which is also set to be the most devastating, due to humanity's ability to rule the natural world without view for it's path of destruction.

Most active participant wins the book in discussion

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CCBC is climate action together

Together we dig deeper into the topics and tackle hard questions head on

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Countdown to 2030

Many national strategies, business goals and international frameworks seek to be solved by 2030 – And time is flying, but you can educate yourself, and take part in the positive disruption of status quo

Sustainable Development goals realised by 2023

Action Decade: Towards 2023

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a global challenge to be solved by 2023. The uptake of some SDGs are good, and many are falling behind schedule

Environment Vision 2030 (Abu Dhabi)

The Abu Dhabi Environment Vision 2030’s  5 priority areas:

1) Minimising the impact of climate change.
2) Clean air and noise pollution.
3)Water management and conservation.
4) Biodiversity, habitats and cultural heritage.
5) Waste management

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