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Sustainability advice and ESG guidance is part of The Umbrella Institute’s core services

As part of our community development efforts, we support startups with their strategic sustainable business model (triple bottom line impact, People Planet & Profit) and ensure that they adopt sustainability from the very beginning.

Why Is Awareness A Continued Effort?

Community development and awareness on environmental, social, and long-term business resilience matter greatly to The Umbrella Institute. Sustainability isn’t only for non-profits and governments. Sustainability is a much sought-after business capability that enables:

Advising startups on triple bottom line topics means equipping them with the tools to flourishdistinguish themselves from the competitioncut costsfocus on value creation and not least sustainability is an amazing challenge to build a high-performing culture around.

Companies Of The Future Think Sustainability

Over the years we have partnered with several entities for sharing knowledge and giving advice to their startups and incubatees.

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Igniting the passion for sustainability early on enables startups to solve global challenges with big business potential

One example is UniPreneur, a UAE initiative that enables university student entrepreneurs to meet the investors and partners that will enable their success. However, amazing products and innovative services are not always enough. – Telling the story behind the startup’s vision for the future impacts the ability to attract investments and secure partnerships, that allow it to scale at the right time.

Social entrepreneurs and traditional entrepreneurs build their companies differently:
Social entrepreneurs see a (global) challenge and build a company around solving that challenge.
While traditional companies have a service or product they wish to sell, and then they send it out to the market.

Looking at the Sustainable Development Goals, social entrepreneurs have the ability to create companies around the mentioned global challenges while being profitable. Therefore ‘do good’ for the society and the environment and also ‘do well’ on the financial bottom line.

When advising, we focus on incorporating sustainability into the core business strategy, and ensure open and transparent communications internally and externally

TUI currently guides startups from India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Denmark, Germany, UK & Norway

Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Knowledge transfer, inspiration, and guidance on the complex trade-offs of business sustainability are included in the startup package.

In the TUI Social Entrepreneurship Scheme (TSES) we regularly take in new startups that wish to be guided on their path to

Visit the TSES-page to learn more about how you can benefit from our guidance


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