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Stick or carrot – Changing behavior in businesses

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Performance culture, creativity & innovation and loyal employees

Often the key traits many companies strive to reach in order to stay ahead of their competitors, attract the most customers and the best employees in the business. For many companies the words remain words even with good intentions and leadership trying to drive the change.

Overlooking the individual as a vital part of the team

The rhetoric in many companies are that we are a ‘family’ and the team spirit is the most crucial value to build upon. The team dynamic is highly important; however we cannot build strong teams unless the individual members are strong and comfortable too.

Developing strong teams is about selecting the individuals who match each other well and have mutual respect for each other’s capabilities and skills.

Trust – how is that the core of a business?

Have you ever worked in a company where your manager yells at you or your colleagues when he wants something done? You probably have, perhaps even more than once. It is not only poor behavior it is bad for business, and here is why:

On the short run the actions that come post the outburst might look, to the yelling manager, as if he is creating an efficient and high performing team. He sees people scrambling to pick up the phone or finish that report.

What really happens is that the trust and respect between leadership and employee is broken, and it is much harder to build up than tear down.

When the trust runs out, nobody listens anymore.


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