Whether you want to ignite your employee’s passion more, activate your stakeholder, or create a more dynamic culture we have the right workshop at The Umbrella Institute.

We support leadership structure the organisation’s communication strategy, solve sustainability challenges, and empower the teams to innovate through sustainability and create lasting value & impact.

Sustainability as a core value in the corporate DNA

2 Days – 2 team (up to 8 participants)

Day 1:
Discuss and confirm: the strategic business vision, mission, and purpose on sustainability

Outline the goals on the short, mid and long run.

Day 2:
The core team from management, operations and communication:

Brainstorm what the key challenges are – Solving them with a positive outcome and grabbing new opportunities.

Competitive edge: what makes our company different and how can we communicate it?

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Map strategic CSR Activities – create value and impact

1 Day (up to 5 participants)

Goal: Develop strategic CSR strategy that align with your business vision, mission and purpose

Map the critical path for the CSR Team

Short-to-mid-term (24 months) CSR & Sustainability roadmap impact

Define progresses to manage CSR & sustainability in your organisation

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2 weeks: (6 – 35 participants)

Goal: Incorporate the SDGs and strategically implement them in internal and external activities to showcase sustainable development efforts

/ 4-hour pre-sprint session on SDGs and shy they are excellent business strategy tools for finding opportunities

2-week online team collaboration around the SDGs relevant for your business and where the opportunities are and how to engage the team members in the continued work.

/// Sprint Report – Outlining the finds, comments & ideas from the participants

//// 2-hour post-sprint session with the participants mapping their continued efforts to elevate the company’s sustainability efforts.

Learn more SDG Sprint

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Leadership – Sustainability & Stakeholder Relations

3 hours: (3 – 6 participants)

Sustainability is a leadership requirement that many companies can elevate their recognition and value in communicating better.
Often the employees are also looking for a guideline and a strong voice to tell them the way to go.

Leaders will be equipped to;
Speak confidently about their organisations strategic steps towards sustainability

Enable leaders to talk about development that is still in the process, and demonstrate leadership by taking bold steps in a new innovative direction

Enter into strategic partnerships for sustainable development and capacity building

Communicate the same message to internal and external stakeholders with different tones of voice, and activating the ecosystem around the organisation.

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