Ready for sustainability processes in your office?

The Planet Friendly Office Audit (PFO) is an initiative that helps offices to switch their daily office products with environmental responsibility in mind, along with motivating staff to use sustainable alternatives in their everyday office work.
The PFO initiative is one of the several measures to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and meet ESG Goals.
The audit enables you to understand the office’s current processes and consumption to provide tailored and tangible solutions to help reduce their ecological footprint and promote a climate-friendly culture.

The Planet Friendly Office Audit is a collaboration between Shift Eco & The Umbrella Institute because we believe in the power of teamwork and knowledge to drive business change

Why conduct the Planet Friendly Office audit?

The Green Seed Framework

The audit is based on our proprietary Green Seed Framework
which focuses on the key aspects of the organisation that
promotes sustainability.

The 6 key pillars of the framework are executed through a mix of
questionnaires for concerned departments, an in-office review
by our consultants and specific management meetings.
The findings of the 6 key pillars enable us to provide you with clear and actionable recommendations to help make your office planet-friendly in the short and long term;

6 key pillars of the Planet Friendly Office Audit Shift Eco The Umbrella Institute


The Planet Friendly Office audit supports your organisation identify where it currently stands, the key challenges internally in the office, and recommendations to transition to new office practices and purchases.

The audit outputs a set of recommended action steps to take in the short and long term to be more planet-friendly.

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Co-founder, Shift Eco
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The Umbrella Institute
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