The Business Potential of Sustainable Transformation
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The business potential of sustainable transformation

Welcome to this hands-on business course

The Umbrella Institute tailor-made a course that allows managers
from all types of organisation to take action on sustainable business transformation.

We will introduce you to tools and methods such as:
The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Triple Bottom Line
Social Entrepreneurial Thinking
Circular economy

Once the tools and methods have been introduced, we will push you to use them strategically
in your organisation. Because the tools support and catalyze each other.
In addition, they will enable you and your team to view the organisation in a new light.
In other words: create business opportunities that are right now untapped.

Context & collaboration

As a result, the course will open your eyes to the business potential of preparing for the rapidly
changing business environments that adapts fast.

Businesses can take full advantage of the global development if the tools and methods are
adopted and utilized to rethink the organisation’s purpose and place in the business ecosystem.


The online course is particularly relevant to CEO’s, as well as CTO’s, COO’s, CHRO’s, CMO’s,
Strategy & Sustainability directors and their teams.

Subsequent workshops on the topics from the course will discuss
the deeper connectivity and integration.

Together we challenge each other


The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals SDGs About the SDGs  

SDG Chart 17 goals

Triple Bottom Line

Material for understanding Triple Bottom Line impact in the company, versus the one financial bottom line used previously Triple Bottom Line Wiki

Circular Economy

Circular economy explained by CNBC

Ellen McArthur Foundation is also working intensely with circular economy for fashion and design which is one of the most resource and energy heavy industries in the world

Cradle to Cradle theory

American architect William McDonough and German chemist Michael Braungart released the book 'Remaking the Way We Make Things; 2002
The book features a lifecycle assessment of cradle to cradle for materials instead of the cradle to grave behaviour that is currently being used. 
Introduction to cradle to cradle


Gapframe is a useful tool, that is an expansion of the SDGs. They have added additional issues of global relevance coming to 24 global issues to solve for businesses.

On GAPFRAME.ORG you will find data divided by countries or regions or issues which allow you to see which issues (red colour) are far away from being solved. 
These RED issues are your opportunities for coming up with products and services to support the nation in being more sustainable and closing gaps in the development.


“From CSR to Corporate Responsibility” – An Interview with Stephen Hahn-Griffiths

88% Of Consumers Want You To Help Them Make A Difference, Forbes, Nov 2018

Helping our clients invest sustainably, BlackRock May 2020