Sustainability is for every professional

– in every company

The Umbrella Institute has built a series of online course structures to support your knowledge and continued growth for the good of the company and your own development.

The first in the SDG Sprint series accelerates your company’s work with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs / Global Goals) by:

  • Challenge-based learning in teams
  • Accelerate the knowledge about the SDG’s underlying targets and indicators
  • Seeing relevant cases with high impact from the SDG incorporation

Anne Marie Thodsen, The Umbrella Institute

Connected with other courses 

  • SDG Sprint – 201
  • SDG Sprint – 301
  • The Business Potential of Sustainable Transformation
  • Strategic CSR

The Business Importance of Sustainable Transformation

Sustainable transformation and behavior changes will benefit any company.

TUI works on boosting the corporate culture along with creating an open and inclusive communication. And enable companies to become flexible and adapt to their surroundings by always being on the lookout for opportunities.


The Umbrella Institute team

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SDG Sprint
201 & 301

These courses are tailored specially to the SDG selections the team made in the SDG Sprint 101.

These courses further support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals into the corporate DNA


Jesse Cruz, SDG Sprint &
Anne Marie Thodsen, The Umbrella Institute


Circular Economy, design & production
- 101

Any company can benefit by thinking more circular and less in linear business behaviror.

We tailor courses to your industry and production, in order to maximise the outcome of the behavior changes.


The Umbrella institute team &
International partners

Thinling in the loop The Umbrella Institute online course


All online courses are developed as a part of a larger workshop or masterclass session.

The dates for the workshops and masterclasses will be determined once the online learning is completed.

Live Lessons

The Umbrella Institute gives live lessons from time to time – Please follow our news and social media to learn more

Novice - 101

These courses are developed to create a baseline for the teams to work together on implementing sustainability and CSR into the workflow of the company.
You can start with little-to-no previous knowledge and walk away with a basic knowledge level.

Intermediate - 201

Made for the seasoned professional who has already worked for a few years in a specialised sustainability and CSR field. Some courses might have prerequisites.

Advanced - 301

Advanced courses are specially tailored to the organisation or the individual professional, in order to upgrade the capacity in the nieche part of the organisation.