Documentary BEYOND ZERO – Business Transformation Story of the Century

Documentary BEYOND ZERO – Business Transformation Story of the Century

A secret screening of the amazing business transformation story ‘Beyond Zero’

APRIL 20 2022

In collaboration with 100 Month to Change, HaveyPro Cinema & Firetti Contemporary The Umbrella Institute screens “Beyond Zero

The Business Transformation Story of our Time

Already at the beginning of Beyond Zero you see rapid sustainable transformation unfolding. You also get the sense that someone will make big changes because they know it is the right thing to do, for the business, the planet, and the people.

The transformation of the traditional carpet manufacturing company takes its beginnings in 1994. And we hear former employees and C-suites tell the story of how the CEO Ray Anderson took them by surprise and demanded sustainable transformation at a time when this was not common.

Documentary screening – Why should you attend?

This event is meant to inspire, motivate, discuss and ask questions about what sustainable business transformation is, how your company can go further and how you can use sustainability as a competitive angle and a leadership tool internally and externally.

While entertaining ourselves with a very well-directed film, we will also be creating an opportunity to ask ourselves if we are like Ray or continuing the status-quo that still exists in today’s business world.
Attend to share, ask, and be inspired by others with similar transformation dreams


  • / Introduction & Welcome by Mara Firetti, Owner of Firetti Contemporary
  • / Context for showing BEYOND ZERO: Why is change so hard and what can you do to take the next big step? by Anne Marie Thodsen, The Umbrella Institute
  • / 70-minute documentary BEYOND ZERO – The story of how a life-changing epiphany, the CEO of a global public company embarks on a high-stakes quest to eliminate all negative environmental impacts by 2020.
  • / Fireside chat with the MD of a company with a very similar story. What went well, what is still hard and what did they get out of their transformation?
  • / Comments, Insights, Q&A by and from the audience

The screening of BEYOND ZERO takes place on
Friday 29th April 2022 from 8 PM – 10 PM at
Firetti Contemporary, Alserkal Avenue, Street 8, Unit 29, Al Qouz, Dubai
To attend the viewing please RSVP here.