Showcasing the gaps in the global recycling systems

Showcasing the gaps in the global recycling systems

Following the screening of ‘WHY PLASTIC? The Recycling Myth’ on 18.03.2022 for Global Recycling Day

20 MARCH 2022

The ability to discuss a topic becomes easier when everyone has the same baseline to talk from. For that reason, documentaries are great starters of deeper discussions, as we saw last week following the viewing of ‘ WHY PLASTIC? The Recycling Myth’ produced by The Why Foundation.

Gearing up for the documentary by Mara Firetti, owner of Firetti Contemporary

WHY PLASTIC? – The Recycling Myth is a three-part documentary series that will bust the myths and misinformation, taking a closer look at what is fact and what is fiction. Each film focuses on a different aspect of plastic pollution: Recycling, Human Health, and The Industry.

The documentary highlights the global systemic challenges of plastic waste. It showcases how the entire system has holes that need to be closed for recycling to be a viable solution to the current waste situation.

With more than two decades of experience, Aruna Narayanan captured the audience with her insights and knowledge of waste and recycling.

Dicussion topics after the film and panel session

The audience was highly engaged, sharing their viewpoints, their work-related findings, and ideas for changing the current systems.

  • / Transparency & Accountability & Traceability – Where does it start?
  • / Accelerating systemic change – Who has the ability?
  • / Action taking & Investor’s role – Action over words
  • / Partnerships for scalable solutions – Together is better
  • / Giving waste a value – creating economic incentive for change

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Find more insights in the post-event report, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or comments.
A second viewing is being planned for 2022.