Coffee with CEO 39.0 Session – Amity University

Coffee with CEO 39.0 Session – Amity University

The Umbrella Institute enjoys spending time with young entrepreneurs in all stages of their startup phase. To answer their questions around sustainability and long-term profitability, and advising on strategic communication, and building a strong leadership voice.

When Amity University Dubai invited TUI to come and talk with their students we were delighted to partake.

Topics discussed during the Coffee with CEO session

  • Social entrepreneurs, solve global challenges and build successful companies because of the challenges
  • What is triple bottom line, and why does it matter to companies of the future?
  • How can startups focus on profitability and not growth at any cost
  • How to find challenges to built a business around
  • Partnerships that creates synergies in your ecosystem

Questions and continued advice

The entrepreneurs had many specific and smart questions pertaining to their startup journey.
For example, questions on how to measure their impact over the coming years. Additionally, how to scale the business and stay true to the original wish of focusing on environmental and social impact.

The Umbrella Institute supports the startups with sustainability advice on strategic communication and tailoring their long-term vision and mission in a way that can be understood by the startup’s clients and future partners.

Reach out if you have a startup with challenges in the sustainability area. We are happy to help:

Watch the full length of the informal session here:

Furthermore, find information on our Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem FORESEE here