Panel discussion on ESG during the Covid-19 in 2020

The Pearl Initiative is a non-profit driver to companies to adopt higher standards in corporate governance, accountability and transparency. The Pearl Initiative invited representatives from The Umbrella Institute, Sustainability Excellence & YCP Solidiance to discuss the impact on Environment, Social and Governance disclosure, also known as ESG, for business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The webinar series of The Pearl Initiative now include the virtual panel discussion ‘COVID-19 Implications for the ESG Agenda.
Panelists went into details about how transparency, disclosure and open communication can directly influence the companies ability to attract investments and heighten their credit score and therefore lower their rates for borrowing funds. Further topics that are touched upon was the growing pressure from stakeholder’s supply chain requirements as well as consumers.
And one of the key conclusions is that top management buy-in is crucial for the ESG agenda and and impactful disclosure.

I expect that we would see a growing awareness level of governance in companies and growing emphasis on all actions in society towards more sustainable economies.
That is going to increase the investment and innovation in some of the sectors that will contribute mostly to sustainable development like: Education, health, zero waste economy and renewable energy and caring for the environment and managing climate change.
… we have already seen it accelerate the digital transformation of all kinds of education, innovation and health innovations.

part of the discussion in the session

Panelists in the session:

Darin Rovere, President of Sustainability Excellence
Erika Welch, Partner & Head of Sustainability, YCP Solidiance
Anne Marie Thodsen, Managing Director, The Umbrella Institute

We encourage you to watch the full panel discussion which was held on 27th July 2020;
The Umbrella Institute can be contacted for more details on the content and preparing ESG reports.